Welcome to People Finder

Finding people in the UK is easy and fast using electoral register data. The Electoral roll holds millions of names and addresses for people living in the UK. Results are usually free, with the option of paid for premuim results should no free results be found. 

1000's of new people details are added each week and the search system allows you to find people by cross referencing a multitude of other directories. The 2015 electoral roll data has just been added with 1.5 million new people added. Electoral data from 2000 to 2015 is available ready to be searched, finding people is therefore very fast, accurate and usually free.

People Finding made easy

All you need to find people in the UK is the persons first name and surname. If you have an indication of where they may be living ie Cheltenham area, a particular county or part of a postcode this can help reduce the search results and allow you to find people much faster.

A wealth of people finding information

Not only will address details be shown for the people you are trying to find but also birth, death, marriage, property and company director information, helping you build up a detailed picture of the person you ned to find